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'All-terrain' health workers in India vaccinate the population of the most remote areas of the country

There is no mountain high enough and no temperature low enough for health workers here in India not to do their job. And an important part of that work in the midst of a pandemic includes traveling miles and miles to vaccinate the population of the most remote areas of the country, such as Jammu and Kashmir, against COVID-19. The medical team walks for hours and hours through the snow visiting the towns of the region. They travel accompanied by military personnel whose mission is to guarantee the safety of the expedition in inhospitable terrain. The people of the villages appreciate the effort and receive the vaccines with the certainty that they have not been abandoned by the government in controlling the disease.

India registered 337,704 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, in this period a total of 448 people have died, fortunately far from the peaks of past waves thanks to the advancement of vaccination.-Writing-

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