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Alicia Silverstone Reveals Why Clueless Co-Star Paul Rudd Teases Her – Exclusive


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By Xandra Harbet/Feb. 10, 2022 3: 05 pm EST

Whilst you’re the star of celebrated culture’s most iconic movie, it’s most attention-grabbing natural that the all-ingesting nature of being an onscreen It Girl would translate offscreen as properly. In phrases of Alicia Silverstone’s time on and off the “Clueless” place aside of abode, her memory is dazzling somewhat fuzzy.

As a result, Silverstone’s “Clueless” co-stars cherish teasing her for her understandably easy memory of her time making the movie. Obvious, no one can beat Queen Bee Cher Horowitz through roasting, nonetheless luxuriate in his character Josh, Paul Rudd affords her a trek for her money. Clearly, that won’t cease Silverstone from firing befriend. She had work to enact, after all. 

As great as we’d all identify to fake the ’90s were the day prior to this, the movie launched over 25 years in the past (A 2d of silence for our childhood, please). For the length of an uncommon interview with Looper, Alicia Silverstone published her celebrated recent recollections with the “Clueless” forged and why Paul Rudd repeatedly roasts her. 

Completely clueless

On what it used to be luxuriate in working with the “Clueless” forged and if she can be able to bear in mind any enjoyable tales from place aside of abode, Silverstone recalled, “Oh, laughing on place aside of abode. Hmm. I don’t bear in mind laughing loads on place aside of abode on account of I was so drained and I was working so exhausting, and I focal level on I was there, 24/7, in overall through that total abilities and the individuals would reach in, they’d roll in, they’re luxuriate in day avid gamers … they’d reach in and slide away and reach in and slide away. They were dazzling having a ball.” Effectively, any individual’s gotta be there for the fountain epiphanies and 500 fabric cupboard changes.

For Silverstone, her celebrated memory wasn’t from place aside of abode at all. “I focal level on the funniest time I had used to be when, three years in the past, Paul Rudd, Donald Faison, and Breckin Meyer and I were all in Chicago collectively [at C2E2 2019], and I by no draw noticed how joyous and funny they all were collectively on account of, luxuriate in I talked about, I was working, working, working,” Silverstone defined. “We were all doing an interview collectively on stage, and they were so funny, the three of them collectively, these boys, and Donald used to be telling us about how I had gone to this party with him for his birthday throughout that time [filming ‘Clueless’], and I talked about, ‘I by no draw went to your party. I invent no longer own any idea what you’re talking about.’” 

What an iconic memory to overlook. 

Photos or it didn’t happen

Silverstone would possibly be somewhat clueless about her time on the movie, nonetheless fortunately, the forged can own in the blanks. Silverstone persevered, “He talked about, ‘You were there.’ And Paul’s luxuriate in, ‘You were there. I was there.’ I talked about, ‘I was no longer there. I don’t bear in mind. I’m so sorry.’ After which they started telling yet every other, and we were all laughing.” Nonetheless, this isn’t the true account Silverstone can’t quite identify. She added, “After which we started telling yet every other account they were telling, and I talked about, ‘Paul, I don’t do not fail to recollect that.’ And Paul goes, ‘Assign you retain in mind making ‘Clueless’?’”

Silverstone didn’t take Rudd’s sass to heart, and he or she affords as factual as she can get: “This made me laugh. He used to be so funny. So I dazzling talked about, ‘No, I wasn’t having a celebration the total time. You guys got to enact your ingredient, and I was working.’ But it used to be a really factual … I’m so contented that movie has finished so properly and that folk cherish it so great.” Though Cher Horowitz would possibly be clueless, she’s furthermore timeless. Silverstone celebrated that recent generations discover relating to the movie on each day basis: “Kids reach over to me the total time who’re dazzling 18 and 16, and [they’ve] dazzling discovered it. It’s so candy.” 

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