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Ai Higuchi’s Attack on Titan ED Gets Special MV Featuring Anime Scenes

Ai Higuchi’s Assault on Titan Closing Season Piece 2 ending music “Akuma no Ko” (Devil’s Exiguous one) got a special music video that consists of just among the most impactful scenes from the anime thus a ways. The music used to be released on January 9, along with the premiere of the latest installment of Assault on Titan anime.

The special video used to be directed by Motohiro Ishii and produced by Masako Yoshikawa and contains scenes from every WIT Studio and MAPPA seasons:

Ai Higuchi – Akuma no Ko (Assault on Titan Seventh ED)

Ai Higuchi’s kindly Twitter posted referring to the special video:

Music Video of “#AkumanoKo” Anime Special Ver. released!🕊
It be a must always-stare for all followers of the “#AttackOnTitan” TV anime, which has been specially edited to bring lend a hand the edifying scenes from the series since Season 1 started airing in 2013!🌏🌋

The music used to be written and aloof by Ai Higuchi, with Shuu Kanemtasu doing the blueprint. The paunchy music is readily available on Spotify in some regions. A creditless of the Assault on Titan ED model that consists of the TV dimension of the music used to be uploaded on Pony Canyon’s YouTube the build it for the time being has over 9 million views. MAPPA’s subsidiary Contrail keen the ending sequence.

” width=”900″>
“Akuma no Ko” – CD Jacket

Assault on Titan Closing Season Piece 2 is airing this season. Japanese band SiM conducted the outlet music, which is titled “The Rumbling”. The OP for the time being has over 24 million views on YouTube. Studio MAPPA is animating the ultimate season of the series, which is listed with 12 episodes on Funimation’s net web impart online.

Source: Ai Higuchi’s Twitter

©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/”ATTACK ON TITAN” The Closing Season Manufacturing Committee

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