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Aguero: too good for otherwise

Only a few months ago, towards the end of the summer, Kun Agüero left Manchester for Barcelona to enjoy the last months of his sporting life in the elite with his friend Leo Messi. And this, detached from the cat that Josep Maria Bartomeu caused him, was preparing to put the final touch on his career at the highest level by sheathing for the penultimate time the only shirt -except for the albiceleste- that did justice to his blessed face treasure. But life is always there, crouched, ready to remind you that there is no use making plans for the future without your consent.

Kun, the kid left Red heading to Europe almost before being that same, a kid, an ambush has raised his heart that turned out to be the last disfigurement of the worst year that Barça's recent history remembers: where it doesn't go nor the worst of bad game, bad health arrives. The Argentine talent who came to negotiate mischief with his platonic love on the pitch, that Messi always awaiting conformities and affections, has found himself without his main reason for being and with a treacherous arrhythmia that, paradoxically, has made him slow down in dry as almost never before has been achieved by any reputable defense, not even the English with their momentum and old football tricks. Just when he proposed to put an end to his glorious career at the club he dreamed of and his destiny, a semi-triumphant Barça or even a half Barça, suddenly in the financial and sporting bones, Kun came to dream of a Feeling of paradise and he found confirmation that the basement built by Josep Maria Bartomeu, between salaries and mortgages, still has years to go before it can be paid.

We will remember Kun for many moments, almost all foreign and some even painful, but recognizing the brilliance of his many jewels. But like all great geniuses, he had one that defines him and will deserve him an eternal place of honor in the Olympus of memories: last day of the Premier League, City needs victory to be champion and its rival the same, but to save yourself. Nerves, heart attack threat, the discount … And there he appears, the Argentine arrived from the cold of Madrid to boil the history of Manchester, chosen by the ball and ready to return the courtesy. If the grandfather of his grandson went down in history for one of the most iconic stories in sport, Sergio claimed his place with a long and clamorous memory: his last name shouted to the rhythm of punk, a long and unforgettable Agüero.

But as some stories end up better coming at the beginning, Kun's story acquires meaning and beauty if you talk about his time at Atlético. A few times in life things are the way they begin. The mythical front that Agüero formed with Diego Forlán is going to be difficult to forget. Not to go into too much detail, they gave the club the 2010 Europa League, with a splendid goal at the end of extra time. The following year he left. The most beautiful and difficult thing was done. If the City of Mancini first, and Pellegrini or Guardiola later did not win everything with him on board, it was to kill them, because recent memory dictated it: it was too good for the opposite.

A few times in life things are as they begin.

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