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Activists throw paint on the facade of the Ministry of Agriculture to demand the end of subsidies to livestock

Futuro Vegetal has thrown red paint on the facade of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food in protest at the latest statements by Minister Luis Planas, “contrary to the position of the Minister of Consumption Alberto Garzón on the macro-farms”, as reported by the organization.

Carrying banners with phrases like 'livestock farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire world transport sector combined'; 'livestock is the largest user of land on the planet and the main driver of deforestation in the world'; or 'a massive worldwide change in food of animal origin would have a significant and almost immediate impact on the solution of the Climate Crisis', the participants have denounced “the inability of the Government to address the necessary protection of the environment and animals ».

«The meat sector concentrates wealth in few hands. Just 4 families control the 5 most important conglomerates of companies in the Spanish state with a turnover of more than almost four billion euros. It is necessary to tackle the problem of livestock in order to have a just ecological transition”, pointed out one of the participants.

For Futuro Vegetal, livestock activity “is an ecological nonsense that must stop immediately”: “Even more so when we learned this week that we have crossed the fifth planetary limit with chemical contamination and its relationship with antibiotics and manure.”

The group's spokesman, Eduardo Rovira, has pointed out: “The political and economic elite treats us people, animals and the planet as if we were objects to be used for their own benefit.”

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