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Abnormal Taxi Movie Originate Date, Characters And Location – What We Know So A ways


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By Jonah Schuhart/Jan. 2, 2022 10: 57 am EST

Put out of your mind Uber or Lyft whereas you occur to’re in dire want of a depart, name the uncommon taxi each and every now after which. You would be launched to essentially the most enigmatic walrus cab driver you’d ever meet. No longer no longer as much as, you doubtlessly can effect that if we had been in the the same universe as “Abnormal Taxi,” the thrilling whodunit mystery anime field in an worldwide beefy of anthropomorphized animal characters. It’s correct for fans of other unique series delight in “Baccano!” and “Durarara!!” 

Upon liberate this past 365 days, “Abnormal Taxi” made waves for its uncommon fashion and narrative, even making the pleasant mentions in The Original Yorker’s “Most productive TV Shows of 2021” article. Seriously, whereas you occur to delight in anime and haven’t checked it out, it’s a mere 13-episode see that’s with out a doubt price your time. But whereas you occur to’ve already seen “Abnormal Taxi” and cherished it (which you doubtlessly did), then you’ll be satisfied to learn that the series is receiving a film adaptation. 

While records on this impending film — that will be referred to as “Abnormal Taxi: In the Woods” — is amazingly recent, the creators of “Abnormal Taxi” own already laid out a liberate time table. Alongside with that, since the film is an adaptation of the series, now we own already purchased a stunning snatch on its characters and field. So, with out additional adieu, right here’s what all and sundry knows so a long way about the “Abnormal Taxi” movie.

When will the Abnormal Taxi movie be launched?

Because the “Abnormal Taxi” series supplied itself as a fully unbiased narrative with no sequels or spinoffs, many fans expected that they had seen the final of Odokawa (the aforementioned enigmatic walrus) and his net page visitors upon episode 13’s conclusion. On the assorted hand, the official “Abnormal Taxi” YouTube channel thwarted these expectations by releasing a surprise teaser trailer for the film on Christmas day 2021. The trailer exhibits off many issues, including the film’s recurring solid of characters, however the very finest show is the official liberate date field for April 1, 2022.

On the assorted hand, this liberate date handiest applies to Japan. Non-Japanese fans accessible are likely going to endure a miniature of a wait sooner than they will gape the “Abnormal Taxi” gang encourage in action. Fortunately, Crunchyroll has it lined. Quickly after the initial announcement of the “Abnormal Taxi” film, the firm announced that that is also streaming the movie on its platform. Sadly, Crunchyroll did no longer specify when it might probably perhaps provide the movie, however promised extra tiny print in some unspecified time in the future.

Who’re the characters in the Abnormal Taxi movie?

Definitely one of the crucial very finest strengths “Abnormal Taxi” has to give is its uncommon solid of characters, of which there are a long way too many to list. Pointless to instruct, we’ve talked about Hiroshi Odokawa, the 41-365 days-typical walrus who serves as the abolish mystery’s no longer going hero. Odokawa is an uncommon figure (voiced by Natsuki Hanae and Mike McFarland) with the abnormal ability to acknowledge others even with their face lined. He picks up a lot of recurring individuals in his cab, and over the direction of the “Abnormal Taxi” anime, it ends up getting him in additional misfortune than he bargains for.

Considerable figures who Odokawa encounters on a day to day basis embody his high college buddy, Eiji Kakihana (Kappei Yamaguchi/Lucien Dodge), his physician, Ayumu Goriki (Ryouhei Kimura/Daman Mills), and Goriki’s nurse, Miho Shirakawa (Riho Iida/Lauren Landa). Through Odokawa, then one more time, all of them became tangentially arresting about a abolish field engaging the likes of the tiny-time thug Dobu (Kenji Hamada), a pop-idol superfan named Shun Imai (Koudai Sakai/Sean Chiplock), the rising social media hippo Taichi Kabasawa (Takashi/Zeno Robinson), and just a few, many extra (by diagram of IMDb). Looking on what invent of adventure Odokawa will gallop on in the upcoming film, many of these characters will likely delight in an look.

What’s the field of Abnormal Taxi: In the Woods?

There are many cabs in the bustling streets of Tokyo. On the assorted hand, handiest indubitably one of them is pushed by Odokawa. When a younger high college lady goes lacking, Odokawa ends up being the final person she ever makes contact with after he picks her up in his cab. As Odokawa performs his nightly shifts in town, his clients all raze as much as be linked (then one more time loosely) to the girl’s disappearance.

Going via gangsters, pop-idol superfans, washed-up comedians, and shady portray mark executives, the everyman Odokawa manages to preserve his own in opposition to the confusing tide of potential suspects and accomplices. On the the same time, Odokawa’s personal existence begins to preserve up as he forms a burgeoning romance with Miho Shirakawa, the alpaca nurse who works at his physician’s clinic. 

Over time, Odokawa and his net page visitors field as much as weave their formulation to the coronary heart of the mystery at hand, to boot to the reality in the encourage of Odokawa (who consistently appears to be a miniature bigger than he appears). Even though the distinctive series ends on one stunner of a cliffhanger, the movie promises to demonstrate us exactly what occurs after those vital final moments that leave Odokawa’s destiny up in the air.

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