A ‘Rick And Morty’ Producer Thinks That An ‘Epic’ Movie Will Happen… Eventually

Rick and Morty on the big screen? You son of a bitch, I’m in.

Ahead of the fifth season premiere of the hit Adult Swim series, producer Scott Marder told Metro that a Rick and Morty movie will happen… eventually. “I wouldn’t be shocked if there was one that comes down the pipe one day,” he said. “I feel like every episode is a movie. I’d like to see what a movie would be, I feel like we pack so much in. It’d have to be pretty epic… I think it will happen. I do think it will happen.” Spencer Grammer, the voice of Summer Smith, added, “It’d have to be something so big, like a 3D interactive movie that also has a theme park. I don’t know if you could just do a straight movie.”

Co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon (who knows a thing or two about the demand for a film) could go the Grindhouse model and have fake trailers break up the movie, except instead of Werewolf Women of the SS, it’s Jan Quadrant Vincent 16.

It’s crazy to think that South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut, the gold standard for animated TV series-turned-movies, was released during the show’s third season. That’s like if Rick and Morty: The Movie came out before we were even introduced to Glootie! Take your time, Roiland and Harmon, you still have 13 seasons before you enter The Simpsons Movie territory.

Rick and Morty season five premieres on June 20.

(Via Metro)