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A man tries to boycott vaccination in a school in Valencia

A neighbor of Massanassa, in Valencia, tried unsuccessfully to boycott the vaccination for children aged 5 and 8 years of the Ausiàs March Children's School in the town. The events occurred a few days ago when this man, a resident of Massanassa, even appeared at the center's facilities, trying to prevent the vaccination of minors from starting, and threatening the health workers who were there with denouncing them. He even asked one of the nurses for identification.

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The center denounced the events and members of the Local Police and the Civil Guard even came to the school, who identified this individual and ensured that the vaccination day continued with total normality. The mayor of Massanassa, Paco Comes, also attended the center, who invited this neighbor to file the pertinent claims with the competent body, but without causing any inconvenience and prevent the work of the toilets.

Despite the fact that this man was found to be registered in Massanassa, the center affirms that apparently had no sons or daughters schooled there, but in the same way tried to prevent the right of minors to receive the vaccine, despite the students having the authorization of their parents. Apparently, this event is not isolated and a similar one occurred days before at CEIP Orba de Alfafar, although it is not confirmed that it was the same individual.

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