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A chance for Lunin

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Real Madrid was waiting for him. The coronavirus spreads more easily than ever. He has now beaten four other footballers for the leader, a week after beating eight professionals from Ancelotti's cast. Courtois, Vinicius, Valverde and Camavinga gave positive when they returned from the Christmas holidays and the loss of the Belgian goalkeeper, who has played it all Until now, it will allow the official debut of Andriy Lunin with the white team in the Spanish League.

The Ukrainian goalkeeper has only played one game With the Madrid team, the defeat against Alcoyano in El Collao eleven months ago, and now he hoped to play again against the modest Alicante team, from Alcoyano to Alcoyano, on the day of the Three Kings Parade, but the absence of Courtois will mean that he will also start on Sunday against Getafe at the Coliseum.

It will be an important day for the Ukrainian goalkeeper, who lives under the very long shadow of Courtois, with no real options to play with Ancelotti. It is not easy to support a clear substitution that does not show signs of changing. He is 22 years old and his situation is not good, because a player needs minutes at his age. The Covid gives him one.

Lunin's story is very rare. Liverpool, Roma and Real Sociedad were interested in him before the demonstration of level and speed of reflexes that this man of 1.91 meters of wingspan made in the Europa League three years ago. Shone especially against Athletic, in San Mamés, in a duel his team, the Ukrainian Zorya, won 0-1. The Basque neighbor, Real Sociedad, wanted to sign him immediately, but Real Madrid went ahead and paid 8.5 million for the transfer, plus four in variables that, given his subsequent replacement, he has not complied with.

Then began a series of assignments that stopped its evolution. He was in Leganés, in Valladolid, in Oviedo and in none of the three sites reached ownership. It was a brake on his young career. It was not forged, but its watch was stopped.

He returned to Real Madrid and began his experience alongside Courtois, who only left him the loophole of the new Copa del Rey with qualifying rounds to a single party. And Lunin paid what is usually to succeed the permanent substitutes, who all played together for the first time an official match, without the leadership of the headlines at his side, and the modest Alcoyano beat them 2-1 after 120 minutes of duel. It happened on January 21 of this year. While José Juan was crowned in the opposite goal, Lunin was shorn along with Zidane, Isco, Vallejo and the plethora of fixed reserves. He received two goals and made three good saves that prevented others, but in the final count only the defeat is recorded and that he was passing by, under the sticks.

Now, the Ukrainian, winner of the Golden Glove for the best goalkeeper of the U-20 World Cup held in 2019 in Poland, will have two consecutive fire tests, on Sunday at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum and three dates later in his return to El Collao, with the desire to erase the media shooting suffered in Alcoy.

«He has matured a lot, he is fast and he looks more serene under the sticks», say the technicians who see him work daily in Valdebebas. “He is very focused, the experience with the first team has made him hardened, hardened better and he just needs to play.” Is the time.

Several professionals say in the Madrid sports city that «if Andriy gets games he will be a great goalkeeper, he turns 23 in February and he is at a key moment in his career ». It has changed, it is more done. And in front of him is a totem even higher than him and that cancels everything.

He would be particularly interested in leaving and playing elsewhere to see how far his level reaches, but his personal interests clash with those of the club, he needs a second goalkeeper. It's Lunin's inner tirade. And from the coaching staff, which assumes that the Ukrainian should play more to have a more experienced goal when things like this low unexpected from the headline. He needs to train under pressure from the Bernabéu. You haven't felt it.

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