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A boat catches fire in Bangladesh, leaving at least 30 dead

  • Between 700 and 800 people traveled in the boat, of which a hundred had to be hospitalized

At least 30 people died and almost a hundred were injured in the catch fire a boat in which between 700 and 800 people traveled, in southern Bangladesh, official sources informed EFE.

“The rescue teams have so far found 30 bodies, and almost a hundred wounded have been sent to hospitals,” Mohammad Zohor Ali told EFE, the administrative leader of the Jhalokathi region, where the incident took place. “We still don't know exactly how many passengers were traveling on the boat, we have different testimonies from different people. At the moment and 800 passengers were traveling “on board , Ali added.

An officer of the fire department of the southern region of Barisal, Faizul Haque , told EFE that the virulent fire broke out, for reasons that are still unknown, at around 3.30 local time (21.30 GMT on Thursday) on the ship that was sailing from the Barguna district to the Bangladeshi capital on the Sugandha River. Kamal Uddin, deputy director of the region's fire department, told EFE that it was a three-story boat and that the rescue operation underway has been hampered due to dense fog.

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Maritime accidents, such as sinking and collisions between ships, are frequent in the country, where hundreds of waterways, including the rivers of the delta of l Ganges such as the Brahmaputra, Padma and Meghna, are commonly used for transportation. In most cases, these accidents can be attributed to overload and poor condition of the boats , but fires are relatively rare.

According to the Association For the Welfare of the Passengers of Bangladesh, a total of 313 people died and 371 remain missing in 183 accidents on the country's waterways in 2020. In one of the latest accidents with the most victims, it took place last August, when at least 22 people died when a boat capsized in a river area connected to a river in the east of the country.

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