9 Awful Isekai Anime Series You Must See to Believe

Introduction: The world of isekai anime is vast, offering a plethora of experiences from romantic comedies to action-packed fantasies. With the genre’s explosive growth, some series stand out for all the wrong reasons. Based on the opinions of millions of anime enthusiasts on My Anime List, here are the worst of the worst isekai TV series with at least 10K votes.

1. Izumo: Flash of a Brave Sword (2005)

This isekai, created in 2005, is as generic as they come. Follow Yagi Takeru as an earthquake thrusts him into a new world with two friends. Unfortunately, beyond this premise, the anime fails to deliver a compelling plot, with mediocre animation adding to its lackluster appeal.

2. Butareba – The Story of a Man Who Turned Into a Pig (2023)

In this 2023 anime, a greasy otaku is turned into a pig in a new world. Paired with a girl who can read his unsavory thoughts, the partnership becomes uncomfortably awkward. Butareba fails to turn its wild plot into a success, making it one to avoid.

3. The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

While this fantasy isekai incorporates interesting Norse lore, it ultimately falls into the predictable harem anime category. The hero’s attempts at wooing scantily clad women take precedence over a compelling storyline, making it a forgettable addition to the genre.

4. Summoned to Another World for a Second Time

Despite an interesting premise of being summoned to a fantasy world and then returning to the original one, this series falls short. Generic plotlines and spotty animation make it forgettable, failing to capitalize on its potential for a unique isekai experience.

5. Endride (2016)

Sometimes, too much of a good idea can sour, and that’s evident in Endride. The series follows two boys from different worlds converging in Endra with the throne at stake. However, the story feels half-baked, leading to its reputation as a notorious no-go isekai.

6. Isekai Cheat Magician (2019)

Genre fatigue sets in with Isekai Cheat Magician, a 2019 anime lacking the special elements found in other isekai series. The plot beats feel familiar, offering nothing new or engaging. While not inherently bad, it fails to stand out in a saturated genre.

7. The Fruit of Evolution

The Fruit of Evolution may be tolerable with a switched-off brain, thanks to its whacky laws of magic. However, the anime goes nowhere, offering repetitive episodes that fail to deliver a meaningful narrative. Better options exist for those seeking shows that actually go somewhere.

8. Märchen Mädchen

Marchen Madchen falls victim to predictability, with plot beats easily guessed within the first episode. Despite building a magical world, the anime lacks the wow factor and leaves audiences wishing for a more engaging experience.

9. Conception

In the realm of the worst isekai, Conception takes the crown. Adapted from a video game, the absurd plot follows a graduate sent to a new world to impregnate women called the Star Maidens. The lack of commitment to a specific angle and a thin storyline make Conception one of the worst isekai experiences ever.

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