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6 Great Shonen Manga That Were Left Without a finishing

Not every tale can have a delighted closing. Some tales don’t get an ending at all, consisting of these great yet unfinished shonen manga.

Incomplete jobs have actually been tantalizing readers concerning what could’ve been for centuries. Just How would Charles Dickens’ The Mystery of Edwin Drood have ended? How would certainly Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony have appeared if it was ended up? Will Megaman Legends 3 ever before be restored?

It likewise relates to manga, yet some strips can get fortunate. Yoshihiro Togashi introduced that he was returning to deal with Hunter X Hunter after a lengthy respite. Even Berserk will be proceeding, in spite of the passing of its designer Kentarō Miura. Not every manga gets that opportunity. Unlike the aforementioned series, these unfinished shonen manga are unlikely to recover.

Id- The Greatest Fusion Fantasy

This’s a bit various as it’s a manhwa as opposed to a manga. Id- The Greatest Fusion Fantasy was a strip by KIM Daewoo and also A.T Kenny with BookBox. Based on the book of the very same name, the tale is about Ye Chun Hwa, also known as ‘Id’, as he obtains drawn from his globe into a world of dragons, elves, and various other dream animals. He forms a party with Irlina the Elf, Reindelph the Dwarf, Grey the Warrior, and others to combat off the Fragments of Chaos, and find out more concerning his past.

The manhwa was preferred sufficient to get reposted across the internet, which was possibly component of the issue. The strip’s posting company went insolvent in 2009, bringing the comic to an end after 8 years.

Bastard !!

Sometimes a work’s title sums it amounts completely. Years later, with Metallicana torn up by the Four Lords of Havoc, the High Priest orders his child Yoko to reawaken Dark Schneider and also bring the world back to order.

It even got prominent sufficient to get a 6-episode OVA in the very early 90s (where Dark Schneider was articulated by Darran Norris, aka Cosmo from The Fairly OddParents). The collection has been on hiatus considering that 2010, though there is a 24-episode ONA prepared for launch in June 2022.

Fujimi Lovers

Also Known As Undead Lovers, Yuna Takagi’s mix of shonen activity as well as love had a curious property. No one else might remember her either. Years later on, she transforms back up at his high college, only she’s a little various now.

The manga was meant to show just how he would certainly damage the cycle of reboots as well as maintain Hasebe to life. On the face of it, Chapter 12 makes for a good, bittersweet ending.

Red Sprite

Red Sprite occurs in a world where transportation is sustained by a brand-new resource called Thunder-cores. Together with developing longer-lasting cars, buses, as well as trains, they’ve brought back airships in a more recent, more viable method. Tatsu Frampt, an orphan from the shanty towns, dreams of flying his own aircraft one day. His orphanage is struck, leaving him as the only survivor. He triggers to avenge the fatalities of his buddies and realize his desire.

Produced by Tomohiro Yagi, the strip started right around the time Bleach finished. Fans believed it can aid fill up the gap that Tite Kubo’s front runner collection left in their hearts. Red Sprite appeared like it had potential with its steampunk One Piece premise but was canceled after just 3 months and also 14 phases. It got an ending of sorts, though it’s a really hurried event that leaves itself open. It recommended Tatsu had much more enemies waiting in the wings to strike. Rather, they’ll stay there permanently.

High School of the Dead

Secondary school’s story of senior high school students battling zombies was available in right around the moment zombie media was anywhere as well as anywhere. Daisuke as well as Shōji Satō’s combination of scary and fanservice branched out into a cult traditional anime and a light unique in the early 2010s. It also obtained a cd of all its various finishing themes by the band Kurosaki in 2011.

Sadly, the collection began to wind down when Daisuke Satō fell ill in 2008. He passed away 9 years later in 2017. After Satō’s passing, Shōji made a decision to end the collection and also deal with his other series, Triage X. Without its primary author, High School shed its heart, and also it’s unlikely to be rebooted anytime soon.


Right here’s a traditional one that still harms the earliest otakus. Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix was his follow-up to Jungle Emperor Leo (also known as Kimba the White Lion). It was an ongoing collection of narratives concerning reincarnation, therefore the name. The manga was divided right into different phases that alternated in between the far future and the remote past. ‘Dawn’ had ancient Japan’s Queen Himiko looking for a method to acquire infinite young people, while ‘Future’ had the residues of humankind trying to prevent its inevitable end in 3304.

The collection did get several adjustments, from OVAs to feature-length anime, and also a live-action movie in 1978. Tezuka taken into consideration Phoenix to be his life’s work, and also, unfortunately, it ended with his life. He began deal with the strip in 1954, and he kept attracting it till his death in 1988 at the age of 60. He left one finished phase, ‘Sun’, and also unreleased, incomplete drawings on what would’ve been the following chapter. No person past Tezuka’s family members and also friends know what could’ve been next, or if that job would’ve been the main conclusion to the collection.

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