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30 Best Clone Wars Episodes Ranked


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By Jasmine/Feb. 9, 2022 7: 44 pm EST

Since its debut in 2008, “Huge name Wars: The Clone Wars” has slowly change into no doubt one of the most cherished entries within the ever-rising “Huge name Wars” universe. On the opposite hand, this wasn’t frequently the case, because the collection used to be upfront canceled abet in 2013 after 6 seasons. Fortunately, supervising director Dave Fillion’s cherished present used to be introduced abet for a final season and aired on Disney to the delight of “Clone Wars” followers.

“The Clone Wars” took place between “Assault of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith.” It gave the franchise an in-depth detect at how the battle used to be essentially changing the Jedi and offered extra personality model for the clones. Audiences had been ready to connect with obvious troopers like Rex and Fives, making the clones’ final betrayal of the Jedi that noteworthy sadder. Whereas you glance “The Clone Wars,” Recount 66 becomes extra of a tragedy. Whereas the Skywalker Saga is mainly the memoir of Anakin Skywalker, “The Clone Wars” is able to flesh out his personality, as you’re given a extra charismatic quiz of the young Jedi. Whereas giving Anakin the Padawan Ashoka Tano used to be within the origin met with resistance, she grew into no doubt one of the most famed “Huge name Wars” characters within the franchise, together with her possess collection station to air quickly. Even supposing no longer all episodes had been a hit, we’ve compiled the most engaging “Clone Wars” episodes as ranked by viewers reaction and the importance it holds on the memoir.

ARC Troopers (Season 3 Episode 2)

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“ARC Troopers” acts as a sequel to the Season 1 episode “Rookies” where audiences are presented to just a few the main clone troopers of the present. On this episode, the clones’ homeworld Kamino is below attack by the Separatists, with Asajj Ventress making an strive to amass Jango Fett’s DNA — as his sample is passe for the clones’ DNA.

Captain Rex, who served as second-in-account for to Anakin, and Captain Cody, who used to be second for Obi-Wan Kenobi, took scrutinize of Fives and Echo’s bravery all the draw by draw of this attack. Promoting them to ARC Troopers and permitting the adventures of those clones to proceed except the final season. This episode furthermore outlined the associated payment this battle had on the clones. Whereas they had been created for fight, it used to be sad to glance as their brothers died one after one other in a battle that used to be finally a chess game conducted by the Emperor. Particular bawl out to the Clone 99, as his loss of life hit laborious in this episode.

Lair of Impolite (Season 1 Episode 10)

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“Lair of Impolite” strikes the level of curiosity away from our significant characters and as a change appears at Jedi Master Equipment Fisto and his frail apprentice Nahdar Vebb as they accidentally come across the lair of Total Impolite. In “Revenge of the Sith,” Impolite used to be intended to be a ambitious enemy. His collection of lightsabers proved that he had killed many Jedi all the draw by draw of this battle, and can most engaging be stopped by the likes of the gargantuan Obi-Wan Kenobi. On the opposite hand, the movie never fairly hit on his supposed villainous presence. Fortunately, this episode truly made the personality seem menacing, if most engaging for a bit of whereas.

What makes the “Lair of Impolite” important used to be that it gave audiences the main look that one thing used to be frightful with the Jedi, and that they had been initiating to lose their draw in this fight. Here is made obvious with Nahdar Vebb, as he’s rapidly to soar into motion to secure revenge on Impolite for all of the loss of life he’s guilty for. Sadly, he forgets that revenge is now not any longer the Jedi draw, as a change, Jedi are intended to be keepers of the peace. On the opposite hand, as battle is all Vebb has ever known, he doesn’t scrutinize being a Jedi as being a peacekeeper.

Holocron Heist (Season 2 Episode 1)

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“Holocron Heist” deserves a spot on the list as a result of personality Cad Bane by myself. He’s the franchise’s most engaging bounty hunter presented to this level, besides per chance Boba Fett. This episode is a stress-free heist memoir with a “Huge name Wars” twist. Cade Bane has been given the very no longer doubtless project of breaking into the Jedi Temple to amass a Holocron, a job that most think to be very no longer doubtless. On the opposite hand, anything else is likely for Bane on the ideal label.

The episode sees Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan working around the Temple in an strive to dwell Bane. What makes the heist so stress-free is that audiences are ready to glance the memoir from each Bane and the Jedi’s views. There are even parts alongside the draw where you furthermore mght can fetch yourself rooting for Bane to succeed as he’s such an participating personality. By the dwell of the episode, a increased memoir has been laid out, and audiences scrutinize that Darth Sidious desires to make employ of the Holocron to secure entry to all of the force-mushy early life within the galaxy.

The Zillo Beast Strikes Back (Season 2 Episode 19)

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This episode acts because the second share of the Zillo beast memoir arc. “The Zillo Beast Strikes Back” brings the monster universe into the forefront. If “King Kong” and “Huge name Wars” got right here together and had a toddler, it could presumably well be this episode.

After Anakin and Mace Windu elevate the Zillo beast to Coruscant on Chancellor Palpatine’s orders, the creature breaks out of his chains and wreaks havoc for the length of the metropolis. The Zillo beast is aware of that Palpatine is in payment for his incarceration, and does all he can to strive to search out him. The Jedi need to now defend Palpatine from the creature’s advances whereas furthermore maintaining the metropolis protected from the destruction it’s causing. This episode is engaging as audiences scrutinize Palpatine’s correct nature bleeding by draw of his hide. As a change of the kind and marvelous Chancellor, we now scrutinize the frigid and defective Darth Sidious. When he appears on the beast, he sees energy, which is finally all Sidious has ever cared about

Wookiee Hunt (Season 3 Episode 22)

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“Wookiee Hunt” is a well-known episode for two main causes. The significant is that audiences secure to reunite with the beautiful Chewbacca, and the second is that the events from this episode are a prime arc in Ahsoka’s model.

Ahsoka has been stolen by Trandoshan hunters and placed on a deserted planet to be hunted for sport. She and the opposite stolen Padawans devise a thought of ruin out, as she refuses to accept resign. By the dwell of the episode, Ahsoka defeats her most ambitious foe yet, the Trandoshan chief Garnac, exhibiting that she’s turning into a highly effective Jedi. It’s obvious that Ahsoka develops pure management talents, and is jubilant with the coaching she’s got from Anakin. As soon as rescued she thanks him for all he’s achieved for her, bringing up that she never would absorb survived without his coaching. The episode ends with Master Yoda staring on the 2 reunite with a brand fresh sense of understanding and recognize for each other.

Scramble from Kadavo (Season 4 Episode 13)

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“Scramble from Kadavo” has loads occurring; Ahsoka is imprisoned, Obi-Wan and Rex are being compelled to work within the Kadavo penal advanced facility, and Anakin is stopping against Dooku without a lightsaber. Our well-liked Jedi crew of three had been tasked with finding and saving the folks of Togruta, and whereas Obi-Wan and Rex reach finding them, they had been captured and placed in penal advanced correct alongside them. The power warden took a varied passion in Obi-Wan, hoping that he would ruin his Jedi spirit.

By the dwell of the episode, the Togruta folks are rescued and the Kadavo penal advanced facility destroyed. Whereas Obi-Wan, ever the Jedi, does no longer secure his revenge on the flexibility warden, he steps apart to let Rex invent so in his place. The loss of life of the warden by myself makes this episode gargantuan. On the opposite hand, it’s a necessity to show that this episode is passe to name out how the slave empire has been ready to grow below the Jedi’s nostril, as they’re too busy with the battle to care regarding the leisure anymore.

Tipping Substances (Season 5 Episode 5)

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“Tipping Substances” is one other episode that acts as a well-known arc in Ahsoka’s personality model, nonetheless this memoir arc furthermore introduces audiences to the personality Observed Gerrera, any person that would be featured in other “Huge name Wars” properties, comparable to “Rogue One” and “Rebels.”

The episode takes place on the planet Onderon, as Ahsoka and Rex express a neighborhood of rebels native to the planet. They’re looking out for to free their folks from Separatist withhold watch over and absorb requested the Jedi for their guidance as they cannot officially secure involved except the planet is below Republic withhold watch over. One of the rebels is a chum of Ahsoka’s, any person with whom she’s had a romantic come across on occasion. Audiences glance as Ashoka is able to place her interior most emotions apart, one thing that Anakin has never been ready to invent. Plus, fan-well-liked, legendary pirate Hondo makes an appearance! He helps to raise affords to the planet in express heart’s contents to serve for their cause against the Separatists, for a label, obviously.

The Field (Season 4 Episode 17)

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“The Field” is the third share of a memoir arc that sees Obi-Wan counterfeit his loss of life to switch undercover as a bounty hunter. The idea is to absorb him unravel a spot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. This episode is a stress-free twist for audiences as Obi-Wan is tasked with assorted eventualities that he need to beat in express heart’s contents to total his mission. His project becomes even extra disturbing when he enters a coaching simulation box, where most engaging the surviving bounty hunters will switch forward with the thought to kidnap Palpatine.

Obi-Wan need to navigate the rigidity of the box, strive to withhold the opposite bounty hunters alive, trick Dooku (who’s technique to glance the growth of the box), and take his quilt. With the exception of all that, audiences scrutinize how offended Anakin is over the loss of life of Obi-Wan. As soon as he learns the reality of the council’s deception, it further amplifies his mistrust within the Jedi.

Voyage of Temptation (Season 2 Episode 13)

Mandalorians struggle by draw of many modifications for the length of “Huge name Wars.” When Mandalore used to be first presented in “The Clone Wars,” audiences met the Dutchess Satine because the chief of the pacifist world. They wish nothing to invent with the battle between the Republic and the Separatists, and whereas Satine doesn’t condone violence, she holds a varied place in her coronary heart for Obi-Wan, because the 2 had been once in treasure. Obi-Wan even admits that he would absorb left the Jedi Recount for her.

In “Voyage of Temptation” Obi-Wan is tasked with maintaining Satine protected from a skill Separatist assassination strive. They quickly present that Senator Tal Merrik from Kalevala is a traitor. He takes Satine hostage nonetheless she manages to amass his blaster, and objectives the gun at Merrik whereas Obi-Wan watches. Merrik outlines that they’re in a no-hold discipline, bringing up if Satine kills him she’ll betray her pacifist beliefs, and if Obi-Wan kills him, he’ll lose Satine’s recognize. Merrik then asks, “Who will impress themselves a frigid blood killer?” Sadly for him, Anakin answers by stabbing Merrik from on the abet of with his lightsaber, with Darth Vader’s theme track taking half in gently within the background. He appears at Obi-Wan and Satine fortunately whereas Obi-Wan sadly says “Anakin.”

Citadel Rescue (Season 3 Episode 20)

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“Citadel Rescue” is the third and final episode within the Citadel memoir arc. The arc sees Anakin lead his team on a rescue mission to infiltrate the Citadel on a Separatist planet. Anakin and Obi-Wan study that Jedi Master Piell has been taken captive and tortured to present up coordinates of the hyperspace route between the Republic and Separatists.

This episode is well-known because it brings together all of the clones audiences absorb technique to acknowledge: Rex, Cody, Fives, and Echo. It furthermore introduces Tarkin into the “Clone Wars,” a persona that audiences might well presumably well also aloof acknowledge from the original movie, “A New Hope.” Tarkin discusses his displeasure with how the Jedi are working the battle, and whereas Ahsoka and Obi-Wan disagree and dislike him, Anakin and Tarkin commence to originate a mutual recognize for one one other, particularly once they realize that they’re each shut with Palpatine. This becomes obvious when the team returns to Coruscant with the coordinates, with Tarkin insisting that he elevate them actual away to Palpatine over the Jedi Council. The episode ends with Tarkin admiring Anakin’s work and Anakin admitting that the battle might well presumably well also employ extra minds like Tarkin’s. Appears to be like just like the initiating of a heavenly friendship.

The Total (Season 4 Episode 8)

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We think it’s protected to express that there has never been a extra hated personality within the “Huge name Wars” franchise than Total Jedi Master Pong Krell. He used to be, for lack of better phrases, supreme the worst. Krell used to be first presented as a no-nonsense Total, who would apparently invent no topic it took to valid the Umbaran capital metropolis against native militia forces. On the opposite hand, as this memoir arc continued, it became obvious what low regard he had for the clones, preferring to name them by their numbers over their names.

“The Total” is an titillating memoir on memoir of it questions the very nature of the clones. They had been made to abet, nonetheless at what cost? How far need to an even soldier lope to notice orders? Here is one thing that Rex struggles with above all else, because it’s his job to enact his Total’s orders, nonetheless he’s furthermore valid to the security of the clones, who he sees as brothers. At the dwell of the episode, Rex and Fives focus on about how Krell is unable to scrutinize what the label of his orders has on the lives of the clones, questioning if he even cares.

Mind Invaders (Season 2 Episode 8)

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Ahsoka and her Padawan friend Barriss Offee are transporting clinical affords to Mace Windu with a team of clone troopers. They had supreme returned from a mission on Geonosis where, unbeknownst to them, a brain worm has hatched from an egg and entered the nostril of no doubt one of the most troopers. As soon as the worm takes over the brain, the trooper is totally below its withhold watch over.

Because the episode continues, Ahsoka and Barriss fetch themselves trapped on a ship of clones which absorb all been became by these worms. The clones commence hunting the young Padawans to secure them below the worm’s withhold watch over. “Mind Invaders” is incredibly tense and hints at what’s to approach abet with Recount 66 when the clones are all compelled to flip on their Jedi. Simultaneously, Anakin is aware of that his Padawan is in hazard and tortures his prisoner from Geonosis, Poggle, with a force choke to secure the understanding he desires to support Ahsoka continue to exist.

To Desire a Jedi (Season 5 Episode 19)

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“To Desire a Jedi” is the note-up to “The Jedi Who Knew Too Grand,” where Ahsoka has been wrongly accused of bombing the Jedi hangar deck. This episode sees Ahsoka evading make a choice by hiding out within the underworld of Coruscant. Whereas the Jedi firmly think in Ahsoka’s guilt, Anakin and Jedi Master Po Kloon disagree, main to them taking the lead on bringing Ahsoka in as peacefully as they are able to.

For the length of her time on the speed, Ahsoka sees how the folks of Coruscant absorb begun to lose religion within the Jedi, noting that they’re so consumed with the battle they’ve forgotten their motive. She comes across an no longer doubtless ally when she meets now bounty hunter, Asajj Ventress, who has the same opinion to support obvious her name. Sadly for Ahsoka, her alliance with Ventress most engaging makes her detect extra guilty, and Anakin has no desire nonetheless to raise her in to face trial. What makes this episode so participating is the mystery on the abet of who bombed the deck. It furthermore made audiences alarm Ahsoka’s fate, on memoir of, whereas she became a fan well-liked, she used to be never considered or talked about in “Revenge of the Sith.” Since the movie takes place after the events of the present there used to be a rising discipline on whether Ahsoka would continue to exist the clone wars.

Overlords (Season 3 Episode 15)

“Overlords” is the initiating of a memoir arc that brings the “Huge name Wars” prophecy of Anakin being the “Chosen One” to the forefront. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka are all pulled into one other dimension where they meet Father, Daughter, and Son. Daughter represents the light side of the force, Son the darkish, and Father the balance that keeps them in evaluate. Father assessments Anakin to scrutinize if he’s truly the “Chosen One” hoping that Anakin will change him because the balance between his two early life.

This memoir arc is now not any doubt one of the most famed in “The Clone Wars” because it hints in direction of Anakin’s future. Obi-Wan is visited by his extinct grasp Qui-Gon Jinn (voiced by Liam Neeson himself) who warns him that the planet might well presumably well also wicked Anakin if he is unable to attain balance within his soul. For the length of his trial, Anakin is compelled to take from saving Ahsoka from Daughter or Obi-Wan from Son. Anakin reveals supreme strength and taps into the Pressure of the planet to dwell each early life from hurting either. He chooses to switch away with Ahsoka and Obi-Wan, and the episode ends with the track of the Imperial March taking half in within the gap as he walks away.

Monster (Season 3 Episode 15)

“Monster” used to be an exhilarating episode in “The Clone Wars” because it connects Asajj Ventress with Darth Maul, exhibiting that they’re each from the planet Dathomir. Betrayed by Dooku’s strive on her lifestyles, Ventress returns home to her Nightsisters, a neighborhood of witches who are strong with the Pressure. Their chief, Mom Talzin helps Ventress secure revenge on Dooku, by tricking him into permitting her to present a brand fresh murderer to change Ventress. As Dooku believes her to be listless, he takes her up on the provide.

Ventress selects Savage Opress, a tragic personality with a truly terrible name. Mom Talzin transforms him into a killing machine valid to them. They force him to waste his brother without even flinching. Here is terribly sad, as ahead of Mom Talzin passe her magic to rework Savage, he clearly cherished his brother and well-known to withhold him protected. Mom Talzin took his free will away. As soon as he’s dropped at Dooku, he’s impressed with Savage’s demonstrate of energy, telling him that together they’ll overthrow the Sidious and rule the galaxy. Sadly for Dooku, Ventress has other plans.

Witches of the Mist (Season 3 Episode 14)

“Witches of the Mist” continues the adventures of Ventress and Savage, with Obi-Wan and Anakin sizzling on their lumber. Audiences scrutinize as Dooku brutally trains Savage to release the Pressure within him. Dooku sends Savage on a mission, commanding that he return with the Toydarian King Katuunko alive. Sadly, Savage returns with the king listless, and Dooku reprimands him with Pressure lightning.

Ventress interrupts Dooku and reminds Savage who his correct grasp is, and together, the 2 attack Dooku. Dooku without concerns deflects Savage’s advances with Pressure lightning, causing each Dooku and Ventress to criticize Savage for being ancient. Furious, Savage force chokes them each nonetheless is interrupted by Anakin and Obi-Wan who were tracking Savage the total time. The episode ends with a confused and betrayed Savage returning home to Mom Talzin, in doubt of what to invent subsequent. She assures him that his dash has supreme begun, announcing he has one other brother alive and that he need to fetch him. She reveals him the face of his brother as being none as a change of Maul, the phantom menace who used to be thought to be listless.

Bloodbath (Season 4 Episode 19)

Back on Dathomir, “Bloodbath” sees Dooku secure his revenge against the Nightsisters after what Mom Talzin and Ventress did to him with Savage. He affords Total Impolite the duty of laying spoil to the total clan of Nightsisters.

Whereas Dooku has revenge on his mind, Ventress has chosen to switch away her past lifetime of being a Sith on the abet of her. As a change, she fully integrates herself abet into her sisterhood. On the opposite hand, her second of peace doesn’t final long as Impolite assaults the Nightsisters with his droid forces. Now now not one to be bullied, Mom Talzin raises an military of the listless to fight against the droids, whereas furthermore the usage of voodoo to attack and waste Dooku from the comfort of his bed. Sadly, the droid forces present to be too noteworthy and Impolite succeeds in eradicating the Nightsisters, leaving Ventress by myself once extra. Mom Talzin encourages her to search out a brand fresh path, which is how she at final finally ends up as a bounty hunter.

Shades of Motive (Season 5 Episode 15)

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This memoir arc showcases Maul’s upward push to energy for the length of the crime syndicate. Knowing the political game he need to play to dwell away from the Jedi and his extinct Master, he chooses to work on the abet of the scenes to function energy. With the aid of his brother, Savage Opress, Maul takes withhold watch over over the crime families and aligns himself with Death Seek, a terrorist Mandalorian neighborhood against the pacifist options of Duchess Satine.

“Shades of Motive” specializes in Mandalore as Maul colluded with Death Seek chief Pre Vizsla to flip the folks of Mandalore against Satine. On the opposite hand, Maul confides in Savage that they need a puppet to rule over Mandalore, any person that they are able to withhold watch over, unlike Vizsla. When they steal Almec, Maul challenges Vizsla to a duel, where he kills him and takes withhold watch over over the Darksaber, truly controlling Mandalore itself. This fractures Death Seek, with some refusing to suppose loyalty to Maul and fleeing below the management of Bo Katan.

Sacrifice (Season 6 Episode 13)

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For a time, “Sacrifice” acted because the collection finale for “The Clone Wars” ahead of its seventh season revival in 2020. Correct form as “The Clone Wars” started with a memoir arc surrounding Yoda, so did it dwell with one about Yoda, at least for a brief time.

“Sacrifice” is an appealing story on memoir of it ends with Yoda believing that the Republic is now not any longer going to grab the clone wars, at least no longer in a literal sense. He sooner or later understands that by taking share within the battle the Jedi absorb already lost, nonetheless that there’s a path unknown to the Sith that might well presumably well also flip the tides and result in victory within the dwell. Here is the episode that sees Yoda commence on his path of learning how a Jedi can exist past loss of life. It’s one thing that Qui-Gon Jinn learned, which is what allowed him to be in contact with Obi-Wan in “Overlords.” Yoda receives visions of the future where he hears himself suppose, “There is one other Skywalker.” Appears to be like like Yoda’s planning the play the long game.

Enjoyable truth, Trace Hamill lends his say in this episode because the appearance of Darth Bane.

Revenge (Season 4 Episode 22)

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Maul and Savage are abet on the list, and this time it’s because of Maul’s obsession with getting revenge on Obi-Wan Kenobi. You scrutinize, whereas audiences thought that Obi-Wan killed Maul when he lower him in half in “The Phantom Risk,” Maul truly survived, fueled by his hatred for Obi-Wan. “Revenge” sees their long-awaited reunion, and we adored every second of it.

The episode begins with Maul and Savage abet on Dathomir, where Mom Talzin affords Maul fresh legs and helps obvious his mental explain — And the one component he has on his mind is revenge. The 2 station a lure to function Obi-Wan’s consideration. On the opposite hand, it furthermore attracts the recognize of Ventress, who decides to raise Savage in for a bounty. This finally ends up with Obi-Wan teaming up with Ventress (and the usage of no doubt one of her red lightsabers) against Maul and Savage. Whereas Obi-Wan and Maul fight, it’s obvious that Maul appears to be the most engaging one to secure an emotional response out of him. When he mentions how he killed Qui-Gon, audiences can scrutinize a bubble of exasperate upward push out of Obi-Wan all the draw by draw of their duel. And what Yoda says: “Madden results in abominate, and abominate results in struggling.”

Revival (Season 5 Episode 1)

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After Maul and Obi-Wan’s fight in “Revenge,” Maul comes up with a thought to raise the 2 together once extra. In a single other sad twist of fate for Savage, Maul enacts the Sith rule of two on him, bringing up that there’s frequently one Master and one Apprentice, arguing that Savage is the ladder. Savage hoped that they would presumably well also presumably be equal as brothers, nonetheless Maul makes it obvious that it’s his draw or the motorway.

Maul and Savage come across Hondo’s pirate organization and bribe some of Hondo’s males to work for them as a change. Finally, Obi-Wan and Jedi Adi Gallia near at Hondo’s excessive and fight the 2 brothers. Savage kills Adi, leaving Obi-Wan to fight the 2 on his possess. Whereas that is all occurring, Hondo hilariously brings his males abet to his side and works with Obi-Wan to secure Maul and Savage down. Injured, the brothers leave the planet, with Maul swearing his revenge. Sadly for him, Obi-Wan reports to Chancellor Palpatine that Maul is alive. This causes Palpatine to smirk on the digicam upon listening to the news that his extinct apprentice lives and has a brand fresh apprentice in Savage. There can most engaging be two, in the end.

The Defective Jedi (Season 5 Episode 20)

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“The Defective Jedi” takes place after “To Desire a Jedi.” Ahsoka has been dropped on the Jedi Council to face trial as they aloof think that she bombed the hangar deck in their Temple. Tarkin calls for that Ahsoka be expelled from the Jedi Recount so that she might well presumably well also presumably be given a militia tribunal held by the Republic. In opposition to Obi-Wan’s suggestions, the Jedi agree, and Ahsoka is stripped of her Padawan spot.

Whereas Padme defends Ahsoka at trial, Anakin tries to search out Ventress to support obvious Ahsoka’s name. As soon as he does, she lets him know that Ahsoka contacted her friend and fellow Padawan Barriss whereas she used to be on the speed, bringing up that after their conversation any person attacked her and stole her double red lightsabers. Anakin goes to confront Barriss who he discovers has the red lightsabers. They fight and he without concerns defeats her, bringing her to Ahsoka’s trial. Barriss admits what she does, claiming that the Jedi absorb lost their draw in this battle, a sentiment that is detailed in lots of episodes on this list. As soon as Ahsoka’s name is obvious, the Jedi strive to convince her to approach abet as a Padawan, nonetheless Ahsoka realizes that after the entirety they’ve place her by draw of, she no longer desires to approach abet. That per chance Barriss used to be correct, the Jedi absorb lost their draw. Anakin tells Ahsoka that he furthermore struggles with the Recount, main to her telling him, “I know” ahead of walking away.

Carnage of Krell (Season 4 Episode 10)

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Returning abet to the memoir arc on the planet Umbara, the clones are confronted with a serious discipline: Jedi Master Krell. Krell instructions the clone troopers to invent Fives and Jesse for disobeying his orders. On the opposite hand, the males fetch that they are able to no longer agree to his orders and refuse to waste them.

Things proceed to switch downhill as Krell informs the troopers that a disguised neighborhood of Umbarans dressed as clones might well presumably well also attack, arguing that the clones should be looking out out. As soon as the attack begins Rex learns that they’ve been deceived by Krell. The disguised Umbarans had been truly supreme fellow clone troopers, and they also’ve been firing and killing each other. Distraught, they pursue and arrest Krell, asking him why he betrayed them. He unearths that he’s foreseen a brand fresh upward push of energy within the galaxy and that he’s deserted his Jedi principles in hopes of gaining energy. He admits to sabotaging the Republic’s battle efforts on memoir of he is aware of that the battle is meaningless. As Rex prepares to invent Krell, he finds that he can’t waste a Jedi, main to clone trooper Dogma doing so as a change. Watch you later, Krell. As no doubt one of the most worst “Clone Wars” characters, we can’t suppose that we’ll leave out you.

Orders (Season 6 Episode 4)

Disney–ABC Home Tv

Clone trooper Fives has been by draw of loads for the length of the collection. On the opposite hand, his ending is a tragedy, as he uncovered and nearly published the Emperor’s total thought ahead of being killed. Fives discovers that every particular person the clone troopers were given an inhibitor chip that might be passe to flip the clones against the Jedi. As soon as he discovers this place, he’s introduced face to face with the Chancellor himself to focus on about his concerns. Sadly for him, the Chancellor doesn’t desire this files getting out and tells all people that Fives attacked him, turning Fives into public enemy number one.

Running by draw of the streets of Coruscant with no one else to flip to, he meets with Anakin and Rex as he believes they’re the most engaging folks he can belief. He tells them that the Chancellor is in on a spot against the Jedi, nonetheless is unfortunately shot ahead of he can present extra important parts. As he dies in Rex’s palms, he says that the conspiracy is bigger than any of them and that he most engaging well-known to invent his responsibility. Rex is devastated on memoir of he’s lost the final of his chums from the main season of the present. RIP Fives, you deserved better.

The Lawless (Season 5 Episode 16)

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“The Lawless” had a ramification of motion for one episode. With Maul and Savage taking withhold watch over over Mandalore, Obi-Wan heads to the planet in express heart’s contents to put Satine. Sadly, Maul captures them as they are looking out for to flee and murders Satine in front of Obi-Wan. Earlier than she dies, she tells Obi-Wan that she frequently cherished him and barely will.

Obi-Wan is later rescued by Satine’s sister and Death Seek loyalist Bo-Katan, who desires Maul listless for murdering her chief Pre Vizsla in “Shades of Motive.” Within the period in-between, on Coruscant, Sidious feels a disturbance within the Pressure and travels to Mandalore to confront Maul. He fights the 2 brothers, killing Savage and taking Maul captive as he sadly appears at his brother’s listless physique. The Emperor reminds Maul of the Rule of Two, bringing up that he’s been modified by Dooku. And whereas he is now not any longer going to present mercy, as that is now not any longer the draw of the Sith, he won’t waste Maul, bringing up that he might well presumably well also presumably be precious down the road.

Ghost of Mortis (Season 3 Episode 17)

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Heading abet to the memoir about Father, Daughter, and Son, “Ghost of Mortis” has Anakin face his largest fight yet, the reality about his future. Whereas Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Anakin are making an strive to switch away the Pressure realm Mortis, Son confronts Anakin and reveals him what his future holds, ending with Anakin listening to Darth Vader.

Anakin is overcome by pains when learning what he becomes. Son says that together, they are able to trade his fate, and Anakin decides to affix him. As soon as Obi-Wan sees that Anakin has been corrupted by Son, he turns to Father, who uses his powers to erase Anakin’s memory of what Son showed him. With Daughter being killed by Son, Father kills himself to stripe Son from his connection to the Pressure. Whereas Son holds death Father, Anakin runs him by draw of with his lightsaber, killing him. With Father’s death breath he tells Anakin that he is the “Chosen One” as he has introduced balance to the Pressure on Mortis and that he’ll be known as on to invent so all over again within the raze.

Old faculty Chums Now now not Forgotten (Season 7 Episode 9)

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Season 7 of “The Clone Wars” used to be arguably no doubt one of the most engaging moments in “Huge name Wars” historical past. “Old faculty Chums Now now not Forgotten” sees Ahsoka reunite with Anakin and Obi-Wan after leaving the Jedi Recount in “The Defective Jedi.” She and Bo-Katan absorb approach for the Jedi’s aid in express heart’s contents to secure away Maul from Mandalore, as he’s escaped Darth Sidious and returned to his criminal options once extra. Anakin hopes that issues will lope abet to the draw they had been, nonetheless Ahsoka’s experiences out of doorways of the Jedi absorb taught her that the Jedi are essentially fallacious. Believing that they’ve let the battle like them, they are rapidly to neglect that they once served a galaxy of folks in need.

As Ahsoka’s no longer a Jedi, she cannot lead the clones to battle, so Anakin promotes Rex to Commander and affords her his clone battalion to support Bo-Katan siege Mandalore. He affords Ahsoka her lightsabers all over again and they also need each other supreme fortune. Here is the final time Ahsoka ever sees Anakin ahead of going by draw of him years later as Vader. The leisure of the episode sees the initiating of the siege of Mandalore with Ahsoka coming face to face with Maul within the dwell.

The Phantom Apprentice (Season 7 Episode 10)

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Running parallel to the events in “Revenge of the Sith,” Ahsoka and Maul absorb a chat where he tells her that the battle will quickly be over and that his Master will withhold watch over the galaxy with each the Jedi and the Republic falling, because it used to be all a share of the thought.

Ahsoka quickly learns that Maul has been distracted by visions of the name Skywalker making her alarm about her extinct Master. She and Maul focus on where he expresses his admiration for her leaving the Jedi Recount. He tells her that the Sith is able to secure withhold watch over and that the time of the Jedi is over, arguing that most engaging together can they dwell Sidious. With an arm outstretched, Maul tells her that every desire in her lifestyles has led her to this second. Ahsoka tells Maul that she also can aid him, on the condition he inform her what he desires with Anakin. Maul informs her that Anakin has long since been groomed to secure his place as his Master’s fresh apprentice. Unwilling to think this Ahsoka calls him a liar and the 2 hold in no doubt one of the most engaging lightsaber duels of the collection, main to her beating and taking pictures Maul.

Shattered (Season 7 Episode 11)

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Selecting up where “The Phantom Apprentice” left off, Ahsoka, Rex, and her clone battalion are touring to raise an imprisoned Maul to the Jedi Council. Correct off the bat, the episode has a strategy of unease, particularly because the viewers is aware of where we are within the memoir of “Revenge of the Sith,” Anakin is able to betray the Jedi and pledge his loyalty to Sidious. Recount 66 is quite upon us.

Each Ashoka and Maul can truly feel when Anakin turns to the Sad Aspect, with echoes of the movie taking half in within the gap. Then, Rex receives a conversation announcing, “Create Recount 66.” The total clones flip against Ahsoka, nonetheless Rex is able to fight it for a second, permitting Ahsoka time to flee. She releases Maul and encourages him to wreak havoc aboard the ship, hoping that this might occasionally distract the clones long adequate for her to resolve out what’s came about. As he does no longer absorb a lightsaber, Maul uses the Pressure to waste any clone that crosses his path as he slowly walks in direction of the hanger deck and his freedom. Whereas Ahsoka is on the speed from her troopers, she finds Rex’s represent on Fives detailing that the clones were programmed to flip against the Jedi. She captures Rex and will get rid of his inhibitor chip. The episode ends with Rex telling Ahsoka that the Republic’s total military has been became against the Jedi.

Victory and Death (Season 7 Episode 12)

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“Victory and Death” is the final episode of the collection. Maul has sabotaged the ship causing it to shatter on a nearby planet. Whereas Ahsoka and Rex strive to flee on a shuttle, Maul highjacks it as a change. Ahsoka uses the Pressure to raise the shuttle abet nonetheless stops when she realizes that Rex wants her aid as his fellow clones are firing on him. Fortunately, Rex and Ahsoka are narrowly ready to flee with the remainder of the troopers death within the shatter.

The episode ends with Rex and Ahsoka taking a detect on the buried our bodies of the clones, with their helmets marking their graves. She drops the lightsabers that Anakin gave her, and he or she and Rex leave.

Sometime later, audiences scrutinize Imperial ships and Stormtroopers browsing the wreckage, with Darth Vader himself on net site. He finds Ahsoka’s lightsabers within the snow and picks them up whereas taking a detect to the sky and seeing a rooster circle. The rooster is a convor and it’s one thing that has stayed with Ahsoka ever since her expertise with Daughter within the “Overlords” memoir arc. Vader watches the rooster knowingly for a second and then walks off. The final shot of the collection sees his reflection walking away within the gap from the listless clone’s helmet. The clone battle is over.

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