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200,000 signatures against the death, this Monday, of the 32 dogs of a scientific experiment

A true citizen mobilization has been deployed in recent days to try to avoid the sacrifice, this Monday the 26th, of 32 dogs that have been subjected to scientific experimentation by a laboratory. The promoters of the protest want not only to save these puppies of the Beagle breed, but also to ban painful experiments on animals in scientific laboratories in general.

A total of 202,040 people had signed until 2:00 p.m. this Thursday on the platform to avoid the sacrifice of the aforementioned dogs by the Vivotecnia laboratories, which will carry carried out this action in Madrid, where the company is located.

The sacrifice will be carried out after animal experimentation commissioned by a company located in the Barcelona Science Park, of the University of Barcelona.

The petition, which was opened this Wednesday, recalls rda that the UB, through the Science Park, has contracted the services of the Vivotecnia laboratory through a public tender for a value of 255,648.8 euros, VAT included, to test a drug on Beagle puppies for 28 days.

The His execution is scheduled for January 24 unless we can all stop him and comply with the Law”, add the promoters of the initiative.

In the text to ask for support, it is stated that Beagle dogs are used to experimentation because they are “manageable, docile and never bite and are excellent life companions” so they “take advantage of their kindness” .

In addition to requesting the signature, the promoter of the initiative, Rubén García, provides an email from the UB and a phone number from the rectorate to request the release of the animals.

According to the text of the request , dogs “at the moment are subjected to ingesting single doses of a drug for 28 days, locked in cages, getting sicker and sicker every day.”

The University of Barcelona, ​​for its part, has assured that there are 32 dogs that will be used in the experiment, and not 38 as indicated by the animal organizations, and that the experimental phase of the research “will begin in the middle of the year.” March”.

Last April, the Community of Madrid suspended the investigative activity of the Vivotecnia laboratory after, as a result of a complaint, signs of animal abuse were found

after carrying out an inspection at its headquarters in Tres Cantos.

The temporary suspension was lifted on June 1, sources from the Ministry of the Environment confirmed to Efe Environment, Territorial Planning and Sustainability, after verifying that the laboratory had implemented all the preventive and corrective measures requested, such as security cameras and a veterinary team that writes reports on the situation of the animals.

The University has also stated that “will ensure that all legislation on animal experimentation is complied with” and that the dogs “will only be slaughtered if there are no another alternative”.

Therefore, the work protocol must be submitted to “all the requirements established in regional, state and European regulations”, in addition to “the ethical precepts that bind both the PCB and the UB”.

An “irreplaceable” practice

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