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15 Shows Like Manifest That Are Worth Your Time


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By Adam Levine/Feb. 9, 2022 1: 27 pm EST

“Manifest,” the supernatural drama that aired on NBC for 3 seasons went well below the radar while it was on the air, but is receiving renewed attention as a result of being added to the Netflix streaming catalog in summer of 2021 (for a 2022 launch). Re-entering the “most viewed” charts on the streaming carrier has saved the existing from cancelation — and Netflix ordered a 20-episode hasten for its closing season (via Gash-off date). 

Focusing on an airline flight that makes an emergency landing at some stage in a violent storm handiest to have a examine that 5 years maintain past and so they were all declared ineffective, “Manifest” chronicles the attain their return has on the people of their lives, to boot because the assorted questions posed in the wake of their return. Because the story unfolds, it becomes clear there’s extra occurring than an inexplicable passage of time, because the passengers launch up having remarkable visions.

“Manifest” is never any longer the handiest existing of its form, then again. We’ve reach up with a list of associated past series’ that could well whet your hasten for food for the remarkable and remarkable; supernatural dramas in regards to the missing, the returned, and downright unexplainable mysteries. Withhold finding out for a list of 15 reveals appreciate “Manifest” that are well worth a look.

The 4400

Of all the assorted sci-fi drama’s that landed on TV monitors in the mid-2000s, “The 4400” is indubitably in the head tier. When you’re handiest conversant in the hot reboot on the CW, we hasten you to on the least double abet and take a look at out the distinctive. With Mahershala Ali in belief to be one of his earliest roles, the series chronicled the mysterious return of 4,400 individuals who had disappeared below mysterious cases, some as far abet as 1946, with out growing older a day. Because the neighborhood of refugees from limbo are attempting and reintegrate into society, their return is complex when they every launch up to existing their very possess tantalizing talents. Their gifts range from classic superhero powers appreciate clear-stength, mind select an eye fixed on, and telekenesis, to extra sci-fi powers appreciate the ability to peer into the long term. 

Because the series progresses at some stage in its four seasons, frightening unearths and recent answers give skill to even extra questions, with a doubtlessly awful and diabolical put by unknown forces. Because the sphere attempts to accommodate the emergence of clear-powered people, the 4400 themselves launch up to fracture, with some combating abet against authorities select an eye fixed on, while other factions maintain extra despicable targets.

The Crossing

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The Crossing was a one-season series that aired in 2018. Range notorious in its review that it felt appreciate a relic of the post “Lost” period, but that shouldn’t be seen as a knock on the series. The ideal criticism of the existing is also that the story is complex and eager, making it no longer-so-with out issues-digestible for casual binging. When you’re up for focusing on a heavily put-centric series with a supernatural mystery premise, then again, this one is for you. Starring Steve Zahn, the drama begins when a minute town sheriff in the pacific northwest is is named in to investigate a series of our bodies that maintain washed up on a nearby beach. 

What he finds is never any longer a shipwreck or airplane fracture, but a neighborhood of refugees who are injured and dying and making an are attempting to obtain a marvelous haven. But they’re no longer here to flee the despotic rule of a far-off land, or waft the depressing stipulations of a creating nation — as a substitute, they’re seeking to obtain salvation from a battle virtually 200 years in The US’s future. While The Crossing handiest lasted one season, the story is quite well resolved and no longer left inserting appreciate another in approach-canceled reveals of its form.

Under the Dome

In step with the book by peril icon Stephen King, “Under the Dome” reveals a city encased in a huge impenetrable dome of unknown foundation, leaving the people interior to fend for themselves. Because the authorities exterior looks for how to free them — and not using a success — the townspeople interior peer for answers on their very possess. But while some hope to obtain the fact in the abet of the dome and peer for how out, others look it as an replacement to approach their very possess interests, because the mystery of the dome offers skill to a dramatic wrestle for survival. 

Working for 3 seasons, “Under the Dome” starred Mike Vogel (“Cloverfield”) and Dean Norris (“Breaking Nasty”). It was belief to be one of essentially the most talked about match series’ of the summer of 2013, and its first season was a hit, and well rated by critics. Despite the fact that its observe up seasons couldn’t rather select the identical quality as its solid opening yr, it silent delivered a solid adventure that’s certain to thrill fans of “Manifest” making an are attempting to obtain a difficult sci-fi mystery.


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Starring “Lord Of The Rings” alum John Pleasant, “Dawnson’s Creek” basic person Joshua Jackson, and newcomer Anna Torv (who would hasten on to basic person in David Fincher’s “Mindhunter”), the sci-fi police drama “Fringe” was belief to be one of essentially the most easy reveals of its form at some level of the 2010s. Created by J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman, the series started off as a supernatural/sci-fi procedural comparable to “X-Recordsdata” with recent cases and recent horrors every week for the trio to investigate. But because the series stepped forward it embraced long-originate storytelling and evolved right into a serialized memoir of parallel realities.

Voice interior the Fringe Division of the FBI, frail agent Olivia Dunham is aided by civilian handbook Peter Bishop and his eccentric scientist father Walter, who was once a authorities researcher tasked with experiments into fringe scientific theories. A series with a couple of of essentially the most deep mythologies that would gain even fans of “Lost” blush, “Fringe” is the form of series that will rapid maintain you ever clicking the “next” button on the discontinuance of every episode. We don’t are making an are attempting to ruin too noteworthy for viewers who can even never maintain seen it, but the series builds to a battle between realities (with the solid all playing extra than one variations of themselves) and aspects a memorable routine persona performed by visitor basic person Leonard Nimoy in belief to be one of his closing roles.


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Taking a outing abet to 2005, Carla Gugino starred in “Threshold,” alongside Charles Dutton, a pre-“Sport of Thrones” Peter Dinklage, and “Huge name Recede: The Subsequent Technology” basic person Brent Spiner. Gugino is Dr. Molly Caffrey, a high-ranking authentic interior the fictional Blackwood Institute, a authorities judge tank tasked with creating procedures to accommodate no longer seemingly disaster eventualities. In Caffrey’s case, her work involves preparing contingencies for a in all probability alien stumble upon, whether or no longer it be a aloof first contact or a antagonistic invasion. Her work stays largely theoretical till the invention of a U.F.O. by a U.S. Naval vessel, and he or she is introduced in to gain what are called the Threshold Protocols.

One more series impressed by the runaway success of “Lost,” it didn’t rather capture on in the rankings. Extra than worth a look — as viewers who’ve rediscovered it years later will attest (via Reddit) — it was sadly canceled after its first season. The silent doesn’t discontinuance on a cliffhanger, and its conclusion is each relaxing and incomplete — so be ready to maintain some questions going unanswered. When you appreciate your alien invasions with a cramped extra mystery and realism, “Threshold” will seemingly be upright up your alley.

Les Revenants

The 2015 series “The Returned” came from the mind of “Lost” creator Carlton Cuse. The series adopted a neighborhood of individuals who returned from the grave below unknown cases, this time in a minute town that was thrown into chaos upon their arrival. But we’re no longer recommending it, because of it was unceremoniously canceled after a single season. As an replacement, we’re suggesting you take a look at out its fashioned French cousin, “Les Revenents,” the series that “The Returned” was essentially based fully on. Within the distinctive version, that obtained two unbelievable seasons, a ramification of townsfolk return after their deaths, including a young murder victim, plenty of teenaged passengers of a lethal bus fracture, and a vicious serial killer.

What follows is a stressful and thrilling persona watch that examines issues of loss and disaster. Delightfully creepy, the series obtained in style acclaim from critics, even higher critiques than Cuse’s remake, which was sadly ended with out a correct conclusion. “Les Revenents” in the intervening time proved to be a spicy drama and a trade-of-trudge from the same outdated supernatural mystery, with the excessive consensus on review aggregator Unsuitable Tomatoes noting that it was “a must-look oddity that’s each dapper and seemingly to disturb.” 


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The ABC series “FlashForward” regarded appreciate it had the total makings of a hit sci-fi drama. The all-basic person solid incorporated John Cho (“Huge name Recede”), Dominic Monaghan (“Lost”), Joseph Fiennes (“A Handmaid’s Memoir”), Peyton List (“Infected Males”) — and routine roles for Alex Kingston (“Doctor Who”), James Callis (“Battlestar Galactica”), and Shohreh Aghdashloo (“The Expanse”). Sadly, a spate of associated series launched spherical the identical time led to a muddled landscape, and so it handiest obtained one season, then again it indubitably ranks among the many higher reveals of its form from the period. It opens with the sphere’s complete inhabitants falling unconscious for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and receiving fragmented visions of a devastating future 10 years therefore.

Because the series unfolds, the authorities attempts to earn as noteworthy files from these visions as in all probability and part collectively a future puzzle to permit them to even unravel a mystery and avert peril. With such an exciting opinion, it’s a shame the series didn’t gain extra seasons, then again it stays qualified drama. Produced by Brannon Braga (“Huge name Recede: Voyager”) and David S. Goyer (“The Sunless Knight”), it’s develop into a cult hit with the discipline 25 Years Later giving it definite critiques — “FlashForward” is worth a look for folks that want a mystery mixed with a marginally of the post-apocalypse.


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In step with the 2000 characteristic film of the identical name that starred Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel, “Frequency” starred actress Peyton List virtually a decade after her role in “FlashForward,” this time as a young NYPD officer who discovers an ragged ham radio that allows her to focus on to her ineffective father Frank some 20 years previously. They work collectively to clear up a case in two assorted time courses, altering historic past and saving her father from dying. But their attempts to make bid of the radio for difficult motive unintended facet impacts, creating issues that they maintain to one arrangement or the opposite obtain a mode to gain upright.

Airing on the CW, “Frequency” is in the waste a timey-wimey drama that will prefer shades of the “Doctor Who” episode “Blink” or the Ashton Kutcher sci-fi drama “The Butterfly Perform,” and pulls classic sci-fi tropes and delivers them with recent context to a recent viewers, making them indubitably feel silent and fashioned. Despite the fact that it was canceled after its first season, a closing tack-on episode resolved any dangling put thread and capped off the series successfully.

The Messengers

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One more single season series on this list, “The Messengers” aired in 2015 and starred a largely lesser-identified solid, with the exception of “Sunless Panther” co-basic person Winston Duke. When a mysterious object falls to Earth, sending a huge pulse at some stage in the globe, 5 strangers are killed and straight away revived, but upon their rebirth obtain they have remarkable supernatural talents. They quickly watch that the object that crashed on Earth was a vessel that contained a being who appears to be like to be a minimal of the devil himself, while the 5 strangers are The Messengers Of God, who are gifted unbelievable powers to permit them to even maintain the weapons to discontinue him.

A science fiction and supernatural mystery series with decidedly spiritual overtones, “The Messengers” is certainly a superhero series injected with a biblical flavor. There’s a megalomaniacal clear villain with a tyrannical opinion, and a neighborhood of reluctant heroes who must reach collectively to discontinue his plan. With as noteworthy suspense as it has mystery, it weaves collectively favorite science and spiritual texts in a suave skill, and makes for a weird and plucky drama that can maintain you ever questioning all the pieces.


One more series essentially based fully on a work by Stephen King, this time the recent “The Colorado Shrimp one,” the SyFy fashioned series “Haven” adopted FBI Particular Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) and a town called Haven that was once riddled with inhabitants that had displayed supernatural powers, called “Troubles.” Drawn to Haven by a recent case, the return of the “Troubles” ignites a recent investigation she furthermore hopes that will lead her to her mother, who went missing years sooner than at some stage in any other incident. 

A supernatural police procedural, it could per chance well per chance even be likened it to a most up-to-date updated version of “The X-Recordsdata,” as it specializes in an embittered paranormal investigator who uses her investigations because the skill to obtain a long-misplaced family member. The mystery on the coronary heart of the series ought to charm to “Manifest” fans making an are attempting to obtain any other weird case to clear up, and the pedigree of Stephen King offers it an air of respectability that other reveals lacked. Extra a hit than most on this list, “Haven” ran for five seasons, and while it departed wildly from the book on which it is rather loosely impressed, it grew to develop into a solid drama on its possess deserves, and is worth staring at for Audrey Parker alone, belief to be one of many extra complex and interesting protagonists that you just’re at risk of obtain in a sci-fi drama.

The OA

“The OA” will seemingly be essentially the most easy series on this list, with stellar critiques and high person rankings. Sadly, it could per chance well per chance also furthermore be essentially the most tense, as it was canceled by Netflix after its 2nd season, and ends on an ambiguous existing. Some, specifically fans on Reddit, indubitably feel that the vagueness and cancelation indubitably work to its income, while some weren’t convinced it wasn’t some account for hoax (via TVInsider). The series stars Brit Marling as a young lady who re-emerges after disappearing for seven years, and despite having been blind sooner than, has the reward of perceive given to her.

Calling herself “The Fashioned Angel,” the girl keeps the secret of her disappearance to herself, telling handiest a minute neighborhood of people she assembles, with a mission to reach to where she had been while missing and rescue extra people appreciate her. The 2nd season continues her bolt, and while it wasn’t the form of resolution-stuffed resolution people wanted, the ending could well well be belief to be one of essentially the most tantalizing and weird finales in recent memory.


Disney–ABC Domestic Tv

Tailored from the Jason Mott penned recent “The Returned,” the ABC series “Resurrection” once extra offers us a story no longer unlike “Manifest,” about a neighborhood in Arcadia, Missouri where life is grew to develop into upside down when a ramification of the townspeople’s long ineffective kinfolk are resurrected, on the identical age they were when they died. All of it begins when immigration officer J. Martin Bellamy (Omar Epps) begins working a weird case where a baby from Missouri turns up in a rice discipline in China, handiest to obtain that the boy was alleged to maintain died by drowning many years sooner than. When extra people turn up in an analogous arrangement, all from the identical town, the mystery widens.

And when the peer for answers consequence in even extra questions, other folks that’ve been resurrected are alienated, with some turning into enemies of their kinfolk. Because the neighborhood comes to grips with the return of their misplaced family, the fact that many maintain managed to construct recent lives handiest adds to the drama. Despite the fact that comparable to “Les Revenants” in premise, “Resurrection” takes issues in a very assorted course.


The Australian drama “Glitch” will seemingly be seen on Netflix for American viewers as a result of global rights being gobbled up by the streaming community, as it was a huge hit down below, and winner of a ramification of local awards. Taking put in the Australian city of Yoorana, Victoria, “Glitch” opens with a neighborhood of six seemingly random individuals who to find themselves raised from the ineffective, with total and total amnesia — no memory of who they’re, who they were, or why they’ve been mysteriously introduced abet. The series follows the six as they are attempting and watch extra about themselves, and discover what led to their untimely discontinuance. 

Because the story explores the human drama of kinfolk returned after dying, it furthermore becomes clear that there’s extra occurring than some form of zombie virus, and an infinite conspiracy will seemingly be at work. Working for 3 a hit seasons, “Glitch” was corpulent of aesthetic twists that made it as compelling as it was a heartfelt story of admire and loss.

The Leftovers

One in every of the top in all probability rated and easiest reviewed reveals on this list, HBO’s “The Leftovers” wowed critics and audiences alike for 3 seasons sooner than its pure conclusion in 2017. Created by Damon Lindelof, it follows the mysterious loss of a total lot of hundreds and hundreds of people from internationally, and the chaos and apprehension that ensued. Starring Christopher Eccleston, Liv Tyler, Regina King, and Carrie Coon, the series was an emotional deadlift, with weighty issues, tough-hitting drama, and gut-wrenching, award-splendid performances. 

No longer as put-pushed as some, “The Leftovers” focused essentially on the non-public struggles of the titular people left in the abet of after the global match that erased 2% of the sphere’s inhabitants. Esteem “The Messengers,” its supernatural mystery had a non secular perspective, but this one was extra refined, and didn’t align with any single theology, as a substitute exploring the extra in style opinion of religion. Described by MovieWeb as HBO’s “most underrated existing,” where it was overshadowed by bigger names appreciate “Watchmen” and “Westworld,” it is fortunately with out issues rewatched on the community’s streaming carrier where it’s found recent life after struggling in the rankings while on the air.

The Innocents

One more Netflix fashioned, this one out of the United Kingdom, “The Innocents” is a supernatural thriller about a teenaged young lady named June who develops remarkable powers, and runs away alongside with her boyfriend to flee her overbearing and abusive father. A teen drama — in opt to melodrama — “The Innocents” is stuffed with the total angst and distress one would search files from from the style. The fantastical substances are ragged to very huge maintain an affect on, helping to hasten making an are attempting the series’ exploration of young admire and teenaged insurrection, because the nature of June’s powers focus on in self assurance to be a dazzling twist.

Described by IndieWire as a “bonkers shapeshifting drama” that “revels in the chaotic messiness of admire,” it’s noteworthy extra in regards to the romance between its two stars and the perceptions of life via their young eyes than any global conspiracy. The story hardly ever ever will get slowed down in heavy plots or complex backstory, as a substitute focusing on how June’s life has been tormented by her powers, and the arrangement in which they’ve formed her relationships and outlook on the sphere.

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