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15 Great Anime To Watch If You Like Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is one in all the most well-received anime classics.

The legend, the characters, and even the many battle scenes are all so extremely well carried out for its age.

Perchance his plenty of hiatuses by some means create Togashi Yoshihiro a larger author than most? We’re going to never know…

On the least, when you’re trying to gather noteworthy extra anime to binge, here’s our picks for an identical series that you must ascertain out when you’re keen on Yu Yu Hakusho (be pleased yours actually!)

15. Flame of Recca

For our first entry, we now possess a series that captures that very same 90’s “Golden Age” vibe factual be pleased Yu Yu Hakusho does.

In phrases of animation and art vogue, Flame of Recca is by some distance the closest series to Yu Yu Hakusho.

And by its bear benefit, Flame of Recca is fully a moderately titanic expose that parts slightly just a few qualities that every body titanic Shounen possess in general.

, stuff be pleased a cool MC, intense action scenes, a rapid-paced dwelling, and a few memorable and over-the-top characters.

To not level out it also has a tournament arc that would possibly perchance not be as titanic as Yu Yu Hakusho’s – nonetheless it’ll calm delay in comparison with completely different series.

14. My Hero Academia

One in every of the issues that made Yu Yu Hakusho titanic became as soon as its masterful coping with of the Darkish Tournament.

And while this idea just will not be as pronounced and centered on in My Hero Academia, the Sports Festival Arc no doubt became as soon as calm slightly titanic.

I’d even rush as some distance as to convey that it exceeded my expectations!

In any case, most anime that strive to cram in a “tournament arc” within its already-loaded dwelling customarily fail in execution.

But not My Hero Academia.

If you loved Yu Yu Hakusho’s (brief-lived) college-existence aspect and its intense battle scenes, then BNHA is without bother for you.

13. That Time I Bought Reincarnated as a Slime

Some of that you would possibly’ve never observed it sooner than, nonetheless Yu Yu Hakusho (given the nature of its dwelling) can in actuality be regarded as as an Isekai.

Blooming wild, huh?

I wasn’t kidding when I acknowledged this series became as soon as forward of its time.

On that expose, That Time I Bought Reincarnated as a Slime is a titanic expose for this list, in the sense that they both feature a dwelling that kicks off after the MC went into the afterlife.

TTIGRAAS itself is amazingly thrilling too. Especially when you’re also keen on LitRPGs or any legend that has a game-be pleased energy machine in them.

12. Fairy Tail

Here we now possess an anime series that parts but one other thrilling tournament arc.

The variation is, Fairy Tail parts spell-slinging wizards as a change of the stylish demons in Yu Yu Hakusho.

It’s one in all the right anime centered spherical magic, and is most no doubt a expose that I’d counsel for any anime fan.

And given the expose’s actually wide length (it even has a prequel), you potentially gained’t possess a build with having too few episodes to gather out about.

Briefly, Fairy Tail is a highly winning manga and anime series noteworthy be pleased Yu Yu Hakusho. And it’s one thing I counsel to those ready for a slightly lengthy commitment!

11. Baki the Grappler

Baki the Grappler is one other age-stale traditional that gained’t disappoint.

Here is amazingly proper when you’re trying to gather a relaxing but thrilling expose that has a ton of battle scenes.

And while the expose would possibly perchance not possess that very same supernatural theme Yu Yu Hakusho has, it makes up for that by giving us some dudes as buff as Toguro, who’re all ready to duke it out at any given time.

At its essence, this is a expose that any action/combating anime fan would fully like.

10. Kengan Ashura

When the phrases “combating” and “tournaments” reach up, you can never rush infamous by sorting out Kengan Ashura.

Sure, the adaptation would possibly perchance’ve not lived up to its out of the ordinary manga counterpart (in my knowing anyway). But it’s calm value a collect out about.

In any case, Kengan Ashura is one in all the most well-made martial arts anime in the market.

As well, it also carefully parts that very same tournament-vogue dwelling from Yu Yu Hakusho.

If that you would possibly bear a 3D-ish animation vogue that’s considerably paying homage to that of Berserk (2016) then this one’s value trying.

Personally, I’m extra of a 2D guy myself. But Kengan is factual so exact that it’s value ignoring the wonky animation vogue when you can.

9. One Punch Man

OPM is a series that’s a personal accepted of mine, and I’m sure that’s proper for slightly just a few you as well.

Very not regularly will you peek an anime mix action and comedy collectively – or as a minimum to the similar extent that this expose has carried out it.

It’s a relaxing series that manages to both be downright hilarious and intense on the similar time.

Did I also level out that its 2nd season also featured a brief-but-well-made tournament section?

Neatly to be aesthetic, nearly each and every entry on this list does…

The actual distinction is that One Punch Man in actuality did its action scenes larger than most titles on this list, no matter being a comedy series before everything.

8. Shaman King

Shaman King is an older title that parts lots of the standard Shounen attributes, noteworthy be pleased Yu Yu Hakusho, albeit a tad extra light-hearted.

It’s an anime that encapsulates the habitual traits that nearly all ragged anime share – and it makes them actually feel newer, even in comparison with stylish & extra well-provocative titles.

But on the different hand, Shaman King is also one in all the few fortunate reveals that managed to snag a remake.

And it’s a these days-released one at that!

Fortunately for the newer anime fans in the market, that you would possibly possess got the opportunity to idea what makes older reveals be pleased Shaman King so titanic —albeit in a extra “stylish” form of animation.

7. File of Ragnarok

If you loved observing the Darkish Tournament from Yu Yu Hakusho, then this is by some distance the right anime for you.

File of Ragnarok is a these days released title that tells an age-stale traditional story of mortals going against gods.

Even supposing it’s in a extra excessive-octane tournament setting that slightly actually sees mortals going against gods in a series of no holds barred, one-on-one fights.

As a manga reader, this adaptation became as soon as in actuality one in all my most anticipated – simply because I plan end into fable the manga to be a complete masterpiece.

If you are a sizable fan of Yu Yu Hakusho, this is one title that you gained’t regret observing.

6. Demon Slayer

One indispensable dispute about Yu Yu Hakusho is its involving usage of demon characters — all of whom must not even portrayed as inferior guys and villains.

Heck, even the essential personality (Yusuke) is piece-demon himself. And he’s not exactly what that you would possibly name injurious.

Demon Slayer, on the heaps of hand, roughly does the similar dispute with Nezuko — Tanjiro’s heavenly demonified small sister, who would finest assault others when her brother’s existence is threatened.

Besides this thematic similarity, Demon Slayer also has an action-heavy dwelling that goes along well with its breathtaking battle scenes.

5. Toriko

Talking of demons… here we now possess Toriko — a expose that also parts many demon characters, nonetheless in a special form of draw.

What form of draw, you demand?

Neatly, the “demons” in Toriko don’t necessarily need completely different of us’s souls or anything else be pleased the superstitions counsel.

As an different they require a complete bunch food to preserve themselves. Which is why Toriko (the essential personality) went on his merry shuffle in the first place.

Sure, observing an anime that’s centered on combating and food will likely be slightly habitual… nonetheless let’s be proper — is it actually?

4. Bleach

Bleach is your stylish Shounen anime that mirrors slightly just a few issues from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Don’t mediate me? Let me give you a brief recap of the expose’s dwelling:

Ichigo, as soon as a habitual excessive college boy, became as soon as compelled to enter a hidden world in the afterlife where he encounters slightly just a few malevolent beings (hollows) that he must defeat to return to the draw issues were.

Our MC then discovers he’s not exactly human, and is fully piece-one thing, which is a dwelling level that the expose doesn’t magnify on except noteworthy later.

Hmm, remind you of someone?

3. One Piece

Any self-respecting Shounen anime fan would never neglect to counsel One Piece.

And seeing as I’m a big Shounen anime fan, I’m no exception to this rule.

One Piece just will not be factual one in all the right Shounen anime ever created (which it certainly is). It’s also one in all the longest-working anime in history!

It has even reached its 1000th episode milestone and I possess to convey, it’s an success well-merited.

Esteem Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece became as soon as also a part of its generation’s “Huge 3”. And it’s not exhausting to idea why.

Significantly, ascertain it out when you calm haven’t for some motive!

2. Dragon Ball Z

For our runner-up in this ranking, we now possess Dragon Ball — a expose that’s likely older than most anime fans, nonetheless calm about as relevant now because it became as soon as all the plot thru its heydays.

Perchance noteworthy extra so this day!

As well to being a title that became as soon as a part of the 90s, it’ll also calm serve up with extra stylish titles (and there’s calm hundreds stylish Dragon Ball series being made).

This stems from the incontrovertible truth that Dragon Ball, at this level, isn’t factual “a expose”.

It’s the expose.

It’s piece of a series of reveals that gained’t be soon forgotten.

DBZ is a title so memorable and iconic, that as soon as you were born in the 80s or 90s, you’ve potentially seen as a minimum piece of an episode at one level or one other.

1. Hunter x Hunter

Used to be there any surprise this series would be on the tip?

Yu Yu Hakusho spearheaded a lot of Shounen tropes we peek this day.

Hunter x Hunter, nonetheless?

This series is admittedly Togashi’s magnum opus.

It’s Yu Yu Hakusho’s successor that’s by some means larger in each and every aspect – no matter Yu Yu Hakusho being an already improbable expose in its bear factual.

In a nutshell, HxH is a fragment of literature that’s so well-written, that the anime adaptation would possibly perchance potentially factual finish where it left off and calm be regarded as as an all-time titanic.

Have confidence me. It’s that exact.

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