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10 Anime Characters That Can Beat Obito Uchiha

It’s a successfully-identified truth that the Uchiha Clan appreciate suffered the most tragedies out of your complete diverse clans in Naruto.

It started from Uchiha Madara’s expertise your complete formula the complete vogue down to Obito’s. In hindsight, it kinda makes you wonder if Madara’s actions introduced a curse upon his clan.

Obito, for one, is so sturdy and proper that he has had an affect in each and each major tournament within the sequence — including the assault on Konoha and the Fourth Ninja Warfare.

However with that in solutions, which anime characters stand a huge gamble against this extremely efficient factual-guy-modified into immoral-guy-modified into-factual guy?

Let’s receive out.

10. Whitebeard

Anime: One Share

Here we’ve got an broken-down man formula previous his top, who would nonetheless fold most anime characters love a garden chair.

Edward Newgate is even handed one of many few legendary pirates whose title is etched in history.

And it’s no longer most spicy attributable to his energy, nonetheless also attributable to his accomplishments.

Despite the truth that I snarl in Whitebeard’s case, it’s largely attributable to his energy…

After all, this man became as soon as touted as the “Strongest Man Alive” who’s acknowledged to be proper of destroying your complete world with his Devil Fruit Capacity.

Whitebeard indubitably has extra of a huge gamble against Obito if the fight gets up shut and deepest – nonetheless I’d also no longer build it previous him to improvise.

9. Julius Novachrono

Anime: Black Clover

Julius will no longer be love most kings, within the sense that he’s strangely so the complete vogue down to earth. However his energy and fancy for his country is a completely diverse subject.

He’s as factual of a king as any by formula of those facets. Heck, perhaps grand extra!

Julius is — with all acknowledged and performed — the most extremely efficient wizard in your complete sequence to this point, simply attributable to the character of his expertise.

Usually he has the extraordinarily broken skill to manipulate time then yet again he wants.

And tons extra and an excellent deal of love Obito, I get Julius also willing to sacrifice himself for the upper factual.

8. All Might perhaps well perhaps

Anime: My Hero Academia

Talking of characters who know the designate of self-sacrifice… All Might perhaps well perhaps became as soon as revered as the Symbol of Peace, and the #1 Hero up till his retirement.

Armed with impossible energy and patience, All Might perhaps well perhaps is in charge for the majority of villain takedowns all by his profession.

And he’s rescued a selection of civilians by the years – even excluding in your complete loopy fights.

By formula of our energy-primarily primarily based mostly feats alone, I receive it hard to put Obito sooner than All Might perhaps well perhaps. Especially inquisitive about that virtually all of All Might perhaps well perhaps’s feats were proven out of his top. Which is loopy to snarl.

7. Saiki Kusuo

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Anime characters proper of destroying the field by themselves are few and far between…

So if any individual would possibly perhaps per chance even attain it with a mere concept? Yeah.

Saiki Kusuo, grand to his annoyance, is share of that very recent club.

He’s a total hax-machine who can attain good about anything else with his psychic powers.

And even though he does no longer love the chance of being overpowered that grand, we nonetheless ask him exhaust several broken expertise within the anime love time manipulation, time shuttle, clairvoyance, and so forth.

I’m no longer obvious Obito stands a huge gamble.

6. Sosuke Aizen

Anime: Bleach

Aizen, grand love our boy Tobi, isn’t alarmed of biding his time good to kind his plans at precisely the simply 2d.

And man did he kind his plans stunning darn successfully!

He would possibly perhaps per chance even’ve started off as good a dazzling respectable combatant first and vital, nonetheless this guy became as soon as a very ambitious schemer to say the least.

He eventually even grew to a level where he would possibly perhaps per chance even eradicate on multiple Shinigami at as soon as with out even breaking a sweat.

Aizen in his strongest construct is even handed one of many most fearsome villains in anime — proper of so grand destruction that no longer even the strongest anime villains (including Obito) can compare.

5. Yuu Otosaka

Anime: Charlotte

Shounen anime on the complete portrays high college college students as ridiculously sturdy characters.

And Yuu Otosaka is an excessive example of this.

After all, this suppose high college boy beats up arrogant gods largely for leisure! No doubt, he defeated his first god no longer even a full day after he became as soon as summoned in Tiny Backyard.

He’s with out problems bored, and would slide out of his technique to fight sturdy beings attributable to this, which makes him a tad unpredictable at instances.

Alternatively, even his unpredictability is in step with his character anyway – and ends up serving to him in each and each fight he gets into.

4. Giorno Giovanna

Anime: JoJo’s Weird Creep

First things first, this guy is good straight up unbeatable.

No amount of skill or cunning would possibly perhaps per chance presumably be ready to help grand for any characters going against Giorno — Obito integrated.

Equipped with his Gold Skills Requiem, Giorno can as soon as in a while create it in snarl that his physique would heal from any construct of physical injury by reverting his physique to its old assert. That’s OP if I’ve ever considered it.

What’s extra is that he would possibly perhaps per chance even lure his enemies in a time loop, as he did with Diavolo.

Sheesh! A fate worse than demise, I’d notify.

3. Saitama

Anime: One Punch Man

This would possibly perhaps per chance presumably be dishonest a chunk of, nonetheless hello, a matchup with Saitama would no longer lower than be entertaining.

He’s in point of fact the poster boy of the be aware “Overpowered” and he’s by no formula misplaced a fight.

Even in his maintain sequence, Saitama on the complete gets flak for being fully unremarkable in phrases of seems.

However then yet again, that’s good a running gag within the enlighten. I indicate, Saitama is de facto the strongest hero on Earth and has saved the planet infinite instances.

He went at it solo too, till Genos came along. Successfully, no longer that this adjustments anything else grand… We know Saitama ends up beating monsters by himself anyway…

However this guy is able to eradicate metropolis-destroying attacks with out even batting an ask. So how successfully would possibly perhaps per chance even Obito indubitably fare?

2. Anos Voldigoad

Anime: The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Demonic characters in anime on the complete safe the recognition of being absurdly sturdy – no longer lower than compared to diverse races.

And in Anos Voldigoad’s case, this stereotype indubitably holds up resoundingly.

After all, he’s no longer good a conventional scamper-of-the-mill demon you’d receive wherever within the academy.

Anos is de facto the very first Demon King who occurs to even be the strongest of all of them!

Ignore good beating Obito — this guy can as soon as in a while solo your complete Naruto universe on his maintain, inquisitive about good how extremely efficient he in point of fact is.

1. Son Goku

Anime: Dragon Ball

For our #1 put, now we appreciate the Saiyan who’s as soon as in a while the subject of virtually each and each anime powerscaling “versus” thread online.

Sadly for Obito followers (including myself, by the formula) I good can’t accept as true with Obito taking the W here.

Goku is good too sturdy and like a flash for a selection of anime characters. Fair one other OP title that’s as soon as in a while very no longer going to eradicate down.

Effective, Obito has several hax-tier Ninjutsus that he would possibly perhaps per chance even exhaust to drag off a engage against the diverse characters on this list.

However against any individual who can actually punch planets into oblivion?

The odds are astronomically against him, to say the least.

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